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Audio Services and Rates

(All bands on this site are examples of mbp recording)


Demo Recording

Examples and uses of a Demo recording:

  • Short clips of several songs to highlight the diversity of the performer.
  • Recording of one instrument and one vocal to showcase content for a record company and/or establish copyright on original material
CD Project Recording

Examples and uses of a CD Project recording

  • Multi-song, Tracked, Mixed and Mastered album recording
  • Final Product is a Master CDR Ready for replication
Voice-Over Recording

Examples and uses of a Voice-Over recording

  • Mixing live vocal(s) with a pre-recorded audio track
  • Used to showcase singing or speaking skills.
  • Make a “singing greeting card” for Valentines Day or anniversary.

Radio Ad or Program Recording

Examples and uses of a Radio Ad or Program recording:

  • Mixing voices with background music and/or sound effects.
  • From “Turn-key” production where we take your idea and produce the recording to “bring-your-own” tracks and use your voice.
  • Advertisements for events, products or services.
  • Programs for schools, churches or business to use for broadcast or instruction.
Studio Rates
  • Tracking, Mixing, Mastering and CD burning processes subject to rate charges
  • The Base Rate is intended for short projects such as voice over and short radio ads.
  • The Block Rate is an economical solution for doing extended sessions for Demos and CD Project tracks.
  • You are eligible for the Block Rate discount only when you have booked 5 contiguous (back-to-back) hours.
  • The block rate discount continues beyond the five hour block until the session is closed. An additional block must be booked to be eligible for the discount for the next session.
  • Basic Rate: $45.00/hr Minimum 1 hour (Recommended for short projects)
  • Block Rate: $40.00/hr minimum 5 hours (Recommended for album and demo projects)


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