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Meet some of our friends...

These are some bands and artists we have recorded, performed alongside, and generally hung out with. If you want to hire top-notch entertainers or just want to sample some good original music and cover band, browse through our "stable".


MOAB (mother of all bands) - Pop, classic rock, country.

MOAB is comprised of “battle hardened veterans” from the Southeastern music scene. Combined, these musicians have over 75 years of experience. Classic rock, country, top 40 and even show tunes are familiar territory to theses guys. (more...)

Bark the Dawg - Heavier style classic rock and roll.

"Bark The Dawg" is a power trio based in Huntsville, Alabama. This band does more than just cover a song, they play it like they OWN it! In addition, they are now in the initial stages of writing and recording original material. (


The Crybabies - Blues, Classic rock and roll.

You like the Blues? You like Classic Rock? Hang on!! Here they come… (more...)

Come on down and record with us and this could be YOU!

Phil McClendon - Original christian music.

A veteran of the Huntsville music scene, Phil's drum skills are surpassed only by his song writing and composition. (more...)


Four on the Floor - Classic rock and roll and pop.

Check out these guys website. It was a pleasure recording them . (

For as sample of their music, go here...

Can't you just see yourself pictured here? Come record with us and you could be next!
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